Sense of Delight Spiritual Energy Disc

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Sense of Delight Mandala Disc

As is evident in the picture, this disc is both complex and intricate. If you are a first-time disc user I suggest that you choose one of our other discs that are a bit less complex. This disc is perfect for a happy person that wants to feel happier. For a joyful person that wants to feel a deeper level of joy. This disc takes your current high vibration emotions and makes them even higher. It’s a very powerful disc. You will immediately feel the energy. As you are feeling its energy, it is feeling your energy. This will create a connection that will not be broken. Each time you use this disc it will become more and more powerful. This is a great disc to gently place on your body while you are meditating, or even while napping. After a few uses you will be able to pick up the disc, hold it and get an immediate energy boost. If you’re happy – you’ll feel happier, and so forth. This disc should not be used to combat negative emotions. Design created by Lily A. Seidel.

It’s time to strengthen your spirituality, but you don’t want to do it alone.
We have good news: you don’t have to.

Clairporium’s one-of-a-kind spiritual energy discs invite higher Angelic energies into our realm of existence
to provide assistance in propelling your spiritual growth forward.


Dispel negative thought forms. Enhance and deepen meditation.

Spiritual energy discs bring you into a greater state of flow.
As a vehicle for transferring subtle energies, discs use light and energy to consciously direct healing
and repair through physical, emotional, and etheric bodies in your auric field.


Spiritual Energy Discs aren’t just easy on the eyes; they’re steadfast in supporting you throughout your spiritual growth.

Energies transferred through the discs range in amplification based on the size and bevel angle of the glass.
The glass is paired with carefully-selected metals to conduct the energies most effectively.

Each handcrafted disc is energetically attuned to what the image represents and what your body needs.
Clairporium works directly with designers to produce unique discs you can only find here.


There’s no learning curve — spiritual energy discs are easy to use.

Two simple steps will activate and charge your energy discs:

1. Activate it: hold the disc with your thumb and index finger resting on the copper rim.
This activates the positive/negative charge of the copper to conduct energy.

2. Charge it: hold the disc up to a light source — sunlight, a lamp, even a candle.
The light source keeps the disc active.


Activate, charge, and experience the benefits on day one.

Your spiritual energy discs can be used in a myriad of ways. We recommend trying a few:

● rotate the disc slightly around chakras that feel blocked
● lay the disc on different points of your body while meditating
● display the disc to infuse a space with energy
● use the disc to run columns of energy through your own body or with others

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