The Connection Disc - Lemurian Quartz


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The Connection Disc – Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz is considered the Connection stone. Lemurian Quartz helps us to recognize and feel the connection between one another as well as helping us to deepen our connection with spirit. It is a great stone to use during periods of spiritual evolution.

This disc design is from Marc Geuzinge. You can see his website here: Marc Geuzinge Photography.

What are Spiritual Energy Discs?

These powerful tools are designed to bring joy into your life as they dispel negative thought forms, enhance & deepen meditation, use light and energy to consciously direct the integration of physical, emotional and etheric bodies for Bio-Cellular and DNA Healing and Repair. All of the discs conduct higher Angelic energies into our realm of existence so that we may gain the greatest amount of assistance possible, enhancing our growth and learning process. These discs are of great assistance when you make the choice to grow spiritually.

These discs are specially created for the greatest transference of the subtle energies. The size and bevel angle of the quartz crystal determines the amplification and the selected metals conduct the energies most effectively. The metallic discs use a very specific technique for adhering the metal to the quartz crystal that enhances the performance of each disc. Each handcrafted disc is energetically attuned to what the image represents.

How do I use a Spiritual Energy Disc?

You can hold the disc, meditate with it, display it to infuse a space with energy, place it over areas of your body that feel blocked, and/or use it to run columns of energy in your own body or when working with others.

The Copper surrounding these crystal discs creates a positive/negative charge just by placing the fingers on the rim of the disc, holding them in your hand in such a manner and moving the disc in a circular movement over ones energetic, auric field will move and direct Light Healing throughout one’s etheric body.

Another use can be to put discs under massage table during sessions. Many people opt to lay down, meditate, and place the disc on their body while mediating. Some people choose to lay the disc on their third eye, others place the disc on their forehead, abdomen, or anywhere else that feels right.

Try to always use a light-source while working with the discs. You can hold it in front of a candle, set it on a window sill, hold it towards a light fixture, use a flashlight, or any other number of ways to shine light on/thru the disc.

It is important to set the intention each time you use the disc. Say either out loud or to yourself, “I want the disc to __________.”

When using the Chakra balancing disc, it is helpful to rotate the disc clockwise down and up your body.

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