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These discs were designed to work with the body on all levels: energetic, physical, mental, emotional, auric, astral, celestial and spiritual. Each disc is handmade by the artist and has been energetically infused throughout the creative process. Each image is hand-drawn and holds a specific frequency and vibration derived from the principles of sacred geometry. Choose the image that resonates with you. Let yourself be guided by the image, not necessarily the name or message. The language of the universe is symbols and your body knows which one will resonate with it. The discs and images are about trusting your own intuition and inner guidance.

How you use the discs is completely up to you. There is no one correct way. You can hold it, meditate with it, display it to infuse a space with energy, place it over areas of your body that feel blocked, and/or use it to run columns of energy in your own body or when working with others. Another use can be to put discs under massage table during sessions. Many people opt to lay down, meditate, and place the disc on their body while mediating. Some people choose to lay the disc on their third eye, others place the disc on their forehead, abdomen, or anywhere else that feels right.

Each disc is 3″ in diameter and made with glass and copper.

About the Artisan: Gail has studied many different healing traditions, including ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing), Angelic Healing Fire, DNA Theta Healing, EFT, Reiki and Quantum Touch. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle, and Gail describes her energy mandalas as sacred circles of universal knowledge.  They help to connect with the individual’s higher self to aid in their moving forward for their highest good. The experience of creating her first mandala turned out to be what Gail considers one of the greatest gifts of her life.

Please note: there have been several incidents of people opening up their package and dropping the disc to the floor. This seems to happen to people that are very energy-sensitive. It’s as though when they open the package they are hit with a wave of energy and accidentally drop the disc. I strongly encourage you to unwrap the disc atop your bed or other soft surface just to be on the safe side.

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