What is Clairporium?

Think of Clairporium like you would think of a majestic oak tree. The roots of Clairporium is this website and then we come to the branches. The branches include an amazing and interactive privateMajestic Oak Facebook group that is filled to the brim with inspiration, wisdom, humor, and a strong sense of community. The Marketplace and Practitioner Directory are another two branches of Clairporium. The Marketplace features a variety of spiritual products made by artisans. The Practitioner Directory proudly features Clairporium’s Team Members. These are metaphysical practitioners (mediums, psychics, and healers) that have gone through our rigorous application process and are people that we are 100 percent confident are the Best of the Best. Another branch of Clairporium is the blog. The purpose of the blog is to educate. We use the blog to talk about everything from spiritual concepts to psychic development. Other branches of Clairporium include our online classes, weekly events, free readings, and our library.

Who runs Clairporium?

Clairporium Founder Anne Nessa

Clairporium Founder
Michael Nessa

Me! Also Known As – Michael Nessa. I am 32 years old (gulp!) and still trying to figure out this being an adult thing. I graduated from the University of Southern Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and in 2007 I graduated from Saybrook Research Institute in San Francisco with a Master’s in Psychology with a Marriage & Family Therapy Specialization. My career has centered around the social services field, largely focused on working with developmentally disabled adults. In 2006 I opened up a residential service agency that provided the supports necessary for adults to live in the community versus an institution or large group home setting. In 2007 I rocked the world again and opened up Greenelight Workforce, a sheltered workshop and vocational provider for disabled adults.

My spiritual journey? I spent the first 25 or so years of my life a die-hard Atheist. Surprised? Developing my personal spiritual beliefs took a number of years and an incredible amount of research. Want to learn more about my spiritual journey? Take a look at my blog post entitled Anne Nessa: Psychic Medium?!

Interested in learning more about me? I’m not in the Witness Protection Program so I can be pretty open! You can check out my Sheltered Workshop, Greenelight Workforce. And if you want to be super cool you can check out our Facebook page and give us a Like! My other projects are Updated Realities, Linking Angels, and Mirror Calendars. You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Mugshots.com. Only kidding! Never been arrested and hoping to keep it that way!!