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Here at Clairporium, we know that discovering and heightening your spirituality shouldn’t happen on your own.

We believe in sharing wisdom and laughter amongst a tightly-knit community, providing guidance as you embark upon and advance in your spiritual journey.

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How do I get started at Clairporium?

Clairporium is more than just a website; we’re a community, a marketplace, and an educational entity.

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What does Clairporium offer?


Readings & Healing Sessions










Inspire positive change, clarity in decision-making, and connection between heart, soul and spirit.

Clairporium’s team of carefully selected psychics, mediums, healers and intuitives provide a variety of readings and healing sessions that answer your questions and deepen your sense of spirit. Our team members meet you where you are within a struggle, a time of indecision, or a period of fogginess in life. They are in tune with auric information that brings external guidance directly to you.

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Spiritual Energy Discs










Handcrafted discs energetically attuned to what your body needs.

Clairporium’s one-of-a-kind spiritual energy discs invite higher Angelic energies into our realm of existence to provide assistance in propelling your spiritual growth forward. The energy they bring dispels negative thought forms and enhances meditation so you can dive deeper without distraction. Easy to use and beautifully designed, spiritual energy discs act as a catalyst for spiritual transformation.

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The healing & clearing sessions offered by the highly talented and intuitive healers in this group are, quite simply, transforming. The Spiritual energy, knowledge of the team members, and safety in knowing there is no judgment passed in this group has afforded me years of growth in only a few months. – Debby

Clairporium is like coming home only better. You can learn, share ideas, get and give support, and you will feel like you are not being judged. Many of us do not have this variety of people available in our own family/community. – Linda

I think the support, being around positive, supportive people from all different spiritual paths is so important. I have said before, this is my safe place to land and a welcome retreat from the rest of the cyberworld. We can ask – free of judgment – and have answers, guidance and wisdom to help us discern our own truths. I could go on and on and on…. – Sudie

Clairporium provides all you need to find that sacred place where your heart, soul and spirit connect.